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    3. Cinemas in Munich

      Munich cinemas, as most German cinemas, usually screen films with dialogue overdubbed in German, which, once you get used to it, is bearable. Another plus is that you can improve you language skills. If you can’t imagine watching “The Hateful Eight” in German, in Munich there are also a lot of “Kino’s” showing films without overdubbing.

      Cinema programs on the web and in newspapers and magazines are full of abbreviations, the most common are:

      tgl – daily

      OF - original version

      OmU - original version with German subtitles

      OoU – original version without German subtitles

      Mo – Monday, Di – Tuesday, Mi – Wednesday, Do – Thursday, Fr – Friday, Sa – Saturday, So – Sunday.

      Below is a list of cinemas in Munich listed alphabetically with their respective addresses. Cinemas regularly or mostly showing original versions (in English) are underlined.


      Cinemas in Munich


      Arena Filmtheater

      Hans-Sachs-Str. 7

      80469 München


      Türkenstr. 91

      80799 München

      [email protected] LOUNGE

      Promenadeplatz 2-6

      80333 München


      Sonnenstr. 12

      80331 München

      Autokino Aschheim (Drive-in)

      Münchner Str. 60

      85609 Aschheim

      Cadillac & Veranda

      Rosenkavalierplatz 12

      81925 München

      Capitol Filmtheater

      Grandauerstr. 2

      85567 Grafing bei München


      Rosenheimer Str. 5

      81667 München


      Cincinnatistr. 31

      81549 München

      Cinema München

      Nymphenburger Str. 31

      80335 München

      CinemaxX München

      Isartorplatz 8

      80331 München

      City Kinos

      Sonnenstr. 12

      80331 München


      Sonnenstr. 7

      80331 München


      Westendstr. 123

      80339 München


      St.-Jakobs-Platz 1

      80331 München

      Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor

      Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11

      80336 München

      Gabriel Filmtheater

      Dachauer Str. 16

      80335 München

      Gloria Premium Palast

      Karlsplatz 5

      80335 München

      KiM - Kino im Einstein

      Einsteinstr. 42

      81675 München, Au, Haidhausen

      Kino am Olympiasee

      Coubertinplatz 1

      80809 München, Milbertshofen, Am Hart

      Kino Solln

      Sollner Str. 43a

      81479 München

      Kino, Mond & Sterne

      Seebühne / Westpark

      81377 München

      Kinos Münchner Freiheit

      Leopoldstr. 82

      80802 München

      Leopold Kinos

      Leopoldstr. 78

      80802 München

      Math?ser der Filmpalast

      Bayerstr. 3-5

      80336 München


      Landshuter Allee 33

      80637 München


      Schlei?heimer Str. 127

      80797 München | Schwabing-West


      Lilienstr. 2

      81669 München

      Neues Rex

      Agricolastr. 16

      80687 München

      Neues Rottmann

      Rottmannstr. 15

      80333 München

      Open Air Cinemas in Munich

      Rio Filmpalast

      Rosenheimer Str. 46

      81669 München

      Royal Filmpalast

      Goetheplatz 2

      80337 München

      Studio Isabella

      Neureutherstr. 29

      80799 München

      Theatiner Film

      Theatinerstr. 32

      80333 München

      tu film

      Arcisstr. 21 / HS 1200

      80333 München


      Fraunhoferstr. 9

      80469 München

      Paul Bradbury

      After 12 years living on the most gorgeous island in the world, Hvar in Dalmatia, I have begun to wonder if there is still life beyond its shores. Prior to discovering Paradise in 2002, I was a world traveller, living and working in Japan, Georgia, Somalia, Rwanda, Russia... and Munich.

      After 95 countries and some 25 years have passed, the memories of my year in the hotel industry in the Bavarian capital (fired by the Sheraton for losing our pet snake, the first male chambermaid at Hotel Arabella, and a truly eye-watering introduction to five-star living in ?my days as a bellboy in luxury Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten) are strong, and the call of Munich has been a constant theme over the last quarter century.?

      And so here I am, answering the call some 25 years later. Twelve years of island living have changed me for sure, but also left me curious about life in a big city, and whether or not I could adapt to it after such an insular decade.?

      I was surprised to see that for such a magnificent multi-cultural city, English-language blogs and regularly updated information are not that available. Static tourism information, such as that provided by the excellent tourist board website yes, but accounts of daily life delivered daily? Hard to find.

      And so I have decided to take a break from my idyllic island and see if I could live in a city again. And what better way to try than to discover modern Munich in all its facets after so many years. It is a journey of discovery which I am relishing, and I hope the site proves to be of interest for Munich residents and its numerous visitors.

      About Paul Bradbury

      Author of?Lebanese Nuns Don't Ski, Lavender, Dormice and a Donkey Named Mercedes?and Hvar's first comprehensive guidebook,?Hvar: An Insider's Guide to Croatia's Premier Island, as well as co-author of?Split: An Insider's Guide?with Mila Hvilshoj, I have lived in Dalmatia full time since 2003. In addition to running Total Munich, I also run Total Split (www.croatia-split.com), Total Hvar (www.total-hvar.com) and Total Inland Dalmatia (www.total-inland-dalmatia.com), as well as being an accredited Google News journalist for Digital Journal in Canada.

      I also have various blogging clients, including the?Central Dalmatia Tourist Board, European Coastal Airlines, Touristar TV?and?Andro Tomic Wines, and print clients include Qatar Airways inflight magazine, Out! magazine from New York, and Croatian Hotspots.?

      In December 2014 I was delighted to receive the Marko Polo 2014 Award from FIJET Croatia (Federation of International Travel Writers and Journalists) ?at a ceremony for the Croatian Journalists Society for the best international tourism promotion of Croatia. More here.

      Ongoing writing projects:

      A History of Hajduk Split, co-author with Frane Grgurevic - in 2015

      Around the World in 80 Disasters - out in 2015

      Total Hvar in the Media:

      Interview of the Month, Croatian Embassy in Washington (May 2013)

      Special Feature in Globus Magazine (May 2013)

      Featured on Croatian TV show, More (2012) -?watch the report here.?

      Interviews in Slobodna Dalmacija, Dalmacijanews, Radio Split

      I am available for writing services. Please contact me on [email protected]?or visit my main writing website, www.bossandblogger.com?

      Website: total-hvar.com Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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